TRCD Method

TRCD Method

  • Author: María Gemma Sáenz

  • N. of pages: 94 pages

  • Format: Digital (ebook)

  • First publication: May 2015

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-8477202950

I have been working with the body for over twenty years, and in that time I have developed my own corporal- emotional technique which makes use of the words that are an integral part of our bodies, and allows us to find our reference points once they are fully functioning.

With this manual you will discover the verbal- emotional map that will lead you to a deeper self understanding of your real reference – your body – and consequently to a better understanding of those around you.

This is really only an extract of my full method, but if you apply what you learn here, you will see how your day- to-day life improves and how these changes for the better will be reflected in your character, your enthusiasm and your desire to live life to the full.

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