The Footprints of the Past (PDF)

The Footprints of the Past (PDF)

  • Author: María Gemma Sáenz

  • Book: 067

  • N. of pages: 136 páginas

  • Format: Digital (PDF)

  • First publication: 2011

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: -978-84-8352-479-4

The footprints of the past are the internal connections that drive us on a journey and to ask ourselves the reason for something that happen to us,

things that our logic does not understand but that our body feels and, with that, an emotional path awakens that is difficult to control.

In this book I have tried to answer some of the questions that have risen in my courses or in my private consultations.

There is where I started to realize that we all have a past, a dormant footprint inside us that takes us to progress and grow in our day to day.

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