Self-Help To Overcome Cancer (PDF)

Self-Help To Overcome Cancer (PDF)

  • Author: María Gemma Sáenz

  • Book: 044

  • N. of pages: 160 pages

  • Format: Digital (PDF)

  • First publication: may 2007

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-84-8166-028-9

    In 1992, almost at the beginning of my process with energy, a person suffering from cancer came to me. I was hit as thousand of questions and matters fi lled my mind..

    .Why me if I had so many conflicts with such a word? Once a friend told me: “we attract those we can help”, a sentence that I keep in my mind.
    It was then when I realized that maybe that was the reason why I was here. Therefore, I gathered a group of doctors who have a wide range view and a real basis in the medical fi eld.

    This, I respect and use when I need because as I see it, health is to medicine what the sun is to day

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