Channeling in my Life (PDF)

Channeling in my Life (PDF)

  • Author: María Gemma Sáenz

  • Book: 054

  • N. of pages: 37 pages

  • Format: Digital (PDF)

  • First publication: 2008

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-84-8166-054-8

    I’ve been working as a channel for more than twenty years. People ask themselves:”What do you mean channel of...?

    That word doesn’t ring a bell, what’s that?”... Or they don’t really say anything, they get stunned and leave. For all these people,

    I am going to qualify what I mean when I identify myself as a channel. I am a person who has the ability to read the abstract intelligence that surrounds us.

    A new question arises: What is abstract intelligence?

    Abstract intelligence encompasses an unconscious information that defines us as unique and exclusive, leads us to know about ourselves the best, what blocks us and even what fate has in store for us. No matter what information it is, you are the one who chooses what you want to read.

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