10 Positive Thoughts for Triumph (PDF)

10 Positive Thoughts for Triumph (PDF)

  • Author: María Gemma Sáenz

  • Book: 057

  • N. of pages: 28 pages

  • Format: Digital (PDF)

  • First publication: may 2009

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-84-8166-057-9

In current times it is so important to have an open mind and look to move forward and not stop our day to day life with regret, with ridiculous ideas which occupy an important place in our mind which acts automatically in a robotic way that does not allow us to move forward and succeed..

It is so important go to somewhere in life. It is not important to know the place, the most important and prominent is go ahead and move forward. In this book I want to transmit oxygen and life so we can change our paralyzing thoughts into rewarding thoughts to move us to where we want, when we want and with whom we want.

Once we achieve it, we find our greatest TRIUMPH, to be positive.

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